World MMH Day

The 4th of May is the World Maternal Mental Health Day. This year we focus on mothers recovering from addiction. #TheBlueDotProject #TougAsAMother #StrongerThanAddiction #MMHWeek2022 #MakingOverMotherhood #RecoveringOutLoud

TheBlueDotProject & Tough As a Mother

The Blue Dot is the national symbol for maternal mental health survivorship, support, and solidarity. This year, Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week features the Tough as a Mother campaign which supports those who are pregnant and parenting in seeking support for recovery from substance use disorder. Maternal mental health and maternal substance use are generally …

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Adult daughters of alcoholic parents

«The adult children of alcoholic parents are at increased risk of having health problemscompared to the adult children of nonalcoholic parents. Little is known about how growing upwith alcoholic parents affects women’s experiences when pregnant. The objectives of this study were to explore how adverse childhood experiences related to parental alcohol abuse affect women during …

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New email address for Nordic Marcé

We are sorry to inform you that our old email address is no longer in use, and that emails send to this address the last few months unfortunately may not have reached us. Please feel free to contact us on our new email marcenordic@gmail.com

Mothers on the agenda

Every day through the year is an important day in the life of babies and their families. Som days are internationally chosen to bring attention to certain groups. Women´s Equality has made a list over days that are of special relevance to women and professionals working with women. You will find the list here, and …

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