The Nordic Psychiatrist – Issue 2 2022: Perinatal mental health

In the newest issue of The Nordic Psychiatrist the main topic is perinatal mental health. In the issue you can read about basic research, clinical settings, practical guidelines, cultural influences and much more, all in the area of perinatal mental health.  Several board members from Nordic Marce Society contributes with articles. As the editor Hans Peter Mofors says «Perinatal mental health is indeed a huge field, where there is lots to learn about the efficacy of psychological, psychosocial, and pharmacological interventions. There is plenty of knowledge about this in the Nordic countries, both in terms of research and clinical work». 

We recommend you to read this interesting issue! Also, do not forget to save the date to our next Nordic Marcé Conferense that will be held in Uppsala, Sweden on 25th – 27th of October 2023. For the first time the conference will be arranged together with  NAIMH / NFSU – Nordisk forening for spedbarns utvikling.